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Poster: patourkid Date: Nov 5, 2007 10:16am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Box of Rain . . . ?

This exchange appeared in Hunters mail bag on Aug. 6 1996 (This is quoted from "the complete annotated Lyrics book")

From :Charles Bass

Dear Robert, ( I'm cutting out the beginning three paragraphs of the letter as they are not at all relevant to the question and I am an EXTREMELY slow typer.)......

Robert would you please tell me what you were thinking when you penned the phrase "box of rain". What for you does "box of rain" represent? I am not asking for the meaning of the song, or for you to explain the song to me-I spent plenty of time on my own doin that. I am just terribly curious how you came to choose that image....(more irrelevant stuff)......
Regards Charlie Bass

Hunter replied:


Well I Don't like to do this since it encourages others to ask what I had in mind when I wrote a song, and mostly you'd need to have my mind to understand even approximately what I had in it. By "box of rain" I meant the world we live on, But "ball" of rain didn't have the right ring to my ear, so box it became, and I don't know who put it there.


So there it is, I always took it as a slice of time, a snapshot because you can't "capture" a box of rain , it only exist for a fleeting second then it's just some water in the bottom of a box. and in my mind thats still how I perceive it. Thats what is so grate about Hunters lyrics to me, the mental pictures they create, he only gives you just enough to jog your mind into working for its self. In all the years of listening to this song thousands of times I would have NEVER guessed it was something as simple as "ball of rain didn't have the right ring to it" Go figure.

Side not; Phil penned all of the music RH all of the lyrics.... so the words themselves are RH'S response to Phil writing a song for his dying father.

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